What's Your New Year Resolution for Your Smile and Oral Health?

This new year can be a healthier new you, here are the list of things you can do to  improve your oral health. 

1.) Visit Your Dentist Regularly 

Regular dental visits can reduce your chances of having  dental emergencies. You'll  have a better fighting chance when cavities and other dental issues are caught sooner. Your dental care can be improve with the help with a team of dental professionals here at Dr. Patel DMD practice. It only take seconds to schedule your next appointment with us!

2.) Stay Hydrated 

Bacteria can cause cavities and periodontial disease. Keeping your mouth hydrated will help wash away bacteria in your mouth. Drinking water regularly can also benefit your overall health. 

3.) Invest in Your Smile

Making an investment to your smile is always a geat choice. Not only for apperance but also for functions. We love seeing how happy our patients are after receiving their beautiful new smile. If you had been thinking about a change this is the time to do it!

4.) Quit Vaping 

Most people believe that vaping is a healthier altenative to smoking but in fact it's just as bad as smoking or chewing tobacco. Research shows vaping poses risks to heart health. The chemicals that are inhaled effects the heart, lungs and circulatory system. 

5.) Cut Down Snacking 

Yes, junk food can be addicting and let's be honest it tastes better than eating a bag of carrot. However,Healthy snacking is always encouraged. The advantages of healthy snacking is just much greater long term. Healthy snacks doesn't have to taste bad or be boring anymore. Check out these recipes for healthy snacks ideas!

6.) Get Teeth Whitening 

Ask us about different option to get better smile. Teeth whtening is  one of the most commonly asked question from our patients.  We offer " Whiter Teeth Forever" program. Please call or text us at 508-756-5141 to schedule an appointment.


RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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