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It’s estimated that 9-15% of Americans won’t go to the dentist because they have severe dental anxiety. If that description fits you or your child, Nikhil M. Patel, DMD, at his self-titled practice in Worcester, Massachusetts, has the perfect solution: laser dentistry. With laser dentistry, your dental care is pain-free, quiet, and gentle. You also won’t need to fret about needles or anesthesia thanks to the Waterlase® laser. To learn more about laser dentistry, call or book an appointment online today.

Laser Dentistry Q & A

What are the benefits of laser dentistry using Waterlase?

Dental work performed with Waterlase is quiet and gentle because it uses focused light energy rather than a hard drill. As a result, you can say goodbye to the high-pitched whine, eye-crossing vibrations, and pressure of the traditional drill.

Here’s a list of the top benefits of laser dentistry:

  • Pain-free, meaning there’s no need for needles or anesthesia
  • No pressure or vibration
  • Preserves more of your tooth
  • Strong enough to treat cavities
  • Gentle enough for soft gums
  • Kills bacteria at the cavity site

When you need treatment for gum disease, the Waterlase causes minimal bleeding, as the laser’s heat naturally coagulates blood vessels. This means you’ll recover more quickly compared to gum treatment using standard dental tools.

What conditions are treated with laser dentistry?

Dr. Patel uses Waterlase to perform a variety of dental procedures. He uses it to:

Repair cavities

First, it eliminates the need for needles or anesthesia. Second, its pinpoint laser energy is more precise than a drill, so it eliminates all the decay while leaving the maximum amount of healthy tissue. Finally, the laser is combined with a stream of water that cools the surface of the tooth to ensure your comfort.

Treat ulcers

Ulcers that develop inside your mouth, also called aphthous ulcers or canker sores, are usually very painful. Small ulcers typically heal on their own in a week or two, while large ulcers can last six weeks or longer. Dr. Patel uses the Waterlase laser to disinfect the sore, relieve pain by sealing nerve endings, and dry the ulcer.


If you have potential signs of oral cancer, such as a sore or lump in your mouth, Dr. Patel can take a biopsy using the precise cutting ability of the Waterlase.


When the tissue that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too short or tight, the tongue can’t move properly. Dr. Patel treats this condition, called tongue-tie or ankyloglossia, using Waterlase to painlessly release the tissue and free the tongue.

Laser dentistry is an exceptional choice for many patients. In addition to removing the source of dental anxiety — pain, noise and pressure — it delivers faster and more precise dental treatment. It’s also great for children because they can avoid early dental experiences that can trigger fear and dental phobia.

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