Sensitive Teeth ? Worcester, MA

Sensitive Teeth

What are the symptoms of  sensitive teeth ?

You may experience pain or discomfort as a response to certain triggers like hot and cold foods, beverages, cold air, sweets, acidic food or juice, cold water, brushing , flossing and certain mouth washes. Sometimes there may be a cavity that can give you sensitivity. Sometimes these symptoms may be mild or intense.

How do you get sensitive teeth?

Enamel can wear away from brushing your teeth too hard, using a hard bristle tooth brush, grinding or clenching your teeth. Acidic foods and beverages, gerd, gum recession, tooth decay, broken or chipped teeth .  Loose fillings can also cause sensitive teeth.

What is the treatment for  sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth are treated after finding out the cause of sensitivity.

We offer  Laser dental  treatment at our family dental office in Worcester,MA to reduce sensitivity on our patients' teeth.

Choose  a tooth paste, that is made for sensitive teeth. You may need prescription strength fluoride.

Use  alcohol free mouth wash and mouthwash with fluoride

Use a soft bristle tooth brush

Get treatment for  receded gums

Get  cavities and broken teeth fixed by your dentist

Maintain good oral hygiene

Get medical help to treat gerd and bulimia

Visit your best family dentist and  get it evaluated

Dr. Patel Nikhil Patel, DMD Dentist

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