While you are spring cleaning, get teeth cleaning for healthy smile at our Worcester, MA office.

          Spring begins with weather turning warm, plants turning green, flowers starts blooming .This is the best time to clean up our overflowing closets. Spring cleaning can also include cleaning your dental routines also. Taking a few minutes from your busy life can prevent you from getting cavities and other health issues. 

         Throw out your worn tooth brush as part of your spring oral cleaning. Make sure to clean your tooth brush holder. Don't forget to clean your water-flosser also.

         Replace your expired tooth paste and mouth wash with new and improved tooth paste, mouth wash and dental floss. Make sure to replace your worn down night guard or dentures.

         Straighten your teeth with clear aligner like Invisalign, dandy, sure smile or candid aligner treatment to make it easier to clean your teeth.

         Make sure to visit your dentist for a professional cleaning and oral cancer screening.

         Some of the benefits of a professional dental cleaning are fresh breath, healthy gums, healthy teeth, whiter teeth, less risk of dental emergency visits as well as improved overall general health.

        Spring into action and visit your Worcester Dentist.

Dr. Patel Nikhil Patel, DMD Dentist

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