What We Offer 

At Dr. Patel's office, our patients are absolutely pleased with the end result is only less than a year of wearing clear aligners. One of the best feauture that we offer is a free 3D scanning of your teeth.These scanning images are sent out to the chosen lab digitally and the lab will send back a digital video showing month by month progress of your teeth straighten progress. You'll be able to see beforehand how your teeth will look after completing the clear alginers treatment. 

What To Do Next 

Schedule an appointment with us. The most important thing  is too make sure the health of your gums and teeth are in good condition before starting clear aligners. Before we start  aligner treatment any recommended fillings or dental cleaning needs to be completed. 

What To Expect During Treatment

Once we have clearance to start clear alginers, the next step is to start  preparation on the teeth to wear the clear alginers. The dentist will have to place little buttons on your teeth that matches your teeth color. These buttons are designed to help the aligners to move the teeth the way it suppose to straighten your teeth. 

What You Can Do After Teeth Straighten

Patients that have completed the clear alginers, have the choice to do teeth whitening. The teeth whitening can be done in Dr Patel's office. It's an hour procedure in the office and 6 days straight, 15 minutes a day at home. Our patients get a free whitening touch up kit every six months when they come in for their dental cleaning. Most insurance companies don't cover teeth whithening,we offer an in office membership plan that is only a one time cost to our patients. 

RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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