New Year's Dental Resolution

Tips For A Healither Smile And A Healither You:

We all know everyone should visit the dentist regurlarly,but do you know how often? It's recommended that you see your dentist atleast every 3-6 months. Most of dental insurances preventive dental check up coverage at 100 % , every 3 to 6 months. What most people don't realize is that most dental insurance benefits doesn't roll over to the next year. In that case it's important to use your dental insurance to your full benefit every year.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes. Floss reguarly at least once a day before or after you brush your teeth. Fluoride mouthwash is also very beneficial to your dental health. If you're a smoker and been thinking to quit, this could be your year to acheive this goal! People who smoke are at higher risk of getting oral cancer,stained teeth, and bad breath. 

Yes, dental care is fun! For children it can be difficult to convince that keeping up with a healthy hygiene is fun. However, there are many fun tips on how to keep it a fun and educational expereince for your little ones. Another idea to make dental home care fun for children are dental apps games. Dental apps games can also help a child feel as eased before visting a dental office. 

A good or bad diet can make a huge differences with what kind of smile you'll end up having. A bad diet is not diffcult to change if you'd just replace it with a good and tasteful diet. For example, instead of eating cookies and candies you can eat fruits and veggies. Most vegetables are rich in protien and calcium and it's important for strong teeth. 

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