How To Stop Your Gums From Bleeding

Keeping your gums healthy is esstenial to your overall health. Studies have shown that periodiontal disease is a risk factor for heart problems. Inflammation in the gums and bacteria may lead to narrowing of important arteries to the heart and brain. It's important to learn and practice preventive methods on how to stop bleeding gums.

This is a list of the few preventive ways to prevent periondontial disease. 

1.) Two for Two

The general rule is two for two. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes.When choosing a toothbrush to use, it's most recommended to use a soft bristle. A toothbrush with soft bristles helps you not damage the gums, root surface,and protect tooth enamel. 

2.) Flossing is a good habit

You'll probably find yourself flossing only when there's that annoying piece of food stuck between your teeth. When you don't floss often, the food debris that is stuck between your teeth can turn into plaque. Built up plaque overtime starts to cause your gums to receed, and your gums start to bleed from the inflammation. 

3.) Fluoride is your bestfriend 

Fluoride is a great source for cavities prevention. Studies have shown there's a reduced chance of dental decay by 20-40 percent. Flouride can be found naturally from the saliva inside your mouth or even water. You can also get toothpaste or mouthwash that contains fluoride. Rememeber to wait as least one minute before eating or drinking after you use fluoride. This way the fluoride can coat on your teeth properly. 

4.) Don't Forget about your dentist 

Dental checkup is the key to dental care prevention. Your dentist will be able to detect any early stages of cavities, periodiontal diseases, or even oral cancer. It's quite common for paients to visit their dentist once in a while when they're experiencing tooth pain. In some cases by that time it would've been too late to get a good prognosis on your dental restoration.That's why remember to visit your dentist for your annual check up at least twice a year. It is very important to dental care prevention. 

RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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