Where To Get Help During Covid-19 Crisis.

Covid Crisis Help

During this unprecidented covid19 health and economical crisis Americans are loosing their jobs and facing extreme hardships. If you need or know someone who needs help, here are some of resources:

1. 211 Resource Hotline: Dial 211 or visit 211 Resource Hotline for  assistance in finding food,paying utility bills,finding free childcare or necessary essential services.

2. Union Capital Boston: Fill this form to receive $50 to$500 Visa gift card for financial help.

3. Meal Pickup for Children: Click here to get updated list of the school which provides meal pick up for children.

4. Project Bread: Click here to receive food assistance during this crisis.

5. Food Bank (Greater Boston): Click here to get information about statewide food bank.

6. Grab and Go Meals: Click here to find , how adults can pick up a grab and Go meal from Ethos community cafe.

7. Animal Rescue(MSPCA-Angel): Click here to get help if your animal needs help.

8. Dental Emergency: Click here or Text us at 508-756-5141 for any dental emergency.

9. Blue Cross Blue Shield: During this difficult time see how BC BS has sought for help.

10. Copping with Stress: Click here to get guidance about how to cop with stress during COVID19 CRISIS.

Nikhil Patel, DMD

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Covid-19 is a new strain of the virus that was discovered in 2019 and has never been found in humans in the past, so never had been treated. They are transmitted between humans and animals.

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