What to expect and what are the options, after extraction of your teeth at our Worcester, MA office?

Did you know?

Back then most people would consider extractions to be a form of torture. Extractions doesn't have to a bad thing anymore, it can be easy and simple! 

How has things changed today?

Thank goodness for today's advance technology! With today's technology, there are  many options  to choose from.

In the past, the word "Extraction" would strike fear into people's mind. Here at Dr. Patel's office our motto is "WE CATER TO COWARDS"

What are the lastest technology we use for extraction?

Water laser is water and light that produce energy to help sanitize away the bacteria, it can be used for gingivectomy treatment. The benefit of using water laser during extractions would be when dealing with a stubburn tooth. The water laser can be used to loosen the gums arount the tooth, making it easier for the tooth to be removed. 


What to expect after the procedure?

Post homecare instructions will be given. To name a few, instuctions to prevent blood clot on the extracted area, avoid smoking, drinking with a straw, and  brushing your teeth around the extracted area for at least 24 hours. 

You may need  or want to replace your missing tooth. Nobody wants to walk around with a gap in their mouth! 

What are your options for replacing a missing tooth?

Dental bridge can last to 5 -7 years, however in most cases we've witnessed our patients had their dental bridges for more than 20 years! It's a non surgical procedure and it can take anywhere from 45 minuts to an hour to complete for the first appointment.  The second appointment for this procedure is to receive the porcelain crown is fast and painless. With our in office 3 Shape trios scanner, we're able to capture digital data making it 100% comfortable and simple for all of our patients to go through, no more icky goo impressions! 


Dental implants would be the first choice for tooth replacement. This would be done by an implant specialist.  The lifespan of an implant could last a lifetime. However, this is a surgical procedure and it can take up to serveral months for completion. Dr Patel,does not do implants here at his office. Before you go to see an implant specialist, you will need to  visit a general dentist for a referral. 

If finance is a concern valplast partial may be the best choice for tooth/teeth replacement. It is metal free, so when you smile no one will know it is not real. Valplast partial are meant to last and not break if cared for properly. Partials are removable and it's recommended to remove once a day before bed.

RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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