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Remember the time when you had made a choice to remove your tooth. At that time you may have felt like that it's the only option you have. You probably remember the dentist reminding you that there are other options to save the tooth or replacement  after a tooth removal. 

It was probably too expensive to try to save the tooth or maybe you didn't have the motivation to decide when you were distracted from the pain you were experiencing. There's Good news you can still replace this missing tooth and that you probably  should. 

Getting dental implant can be the expensive choice. Also, it require going through surgery and it takes more time to get it completed. If you don't mind the cost and time it's required dental implant is the best choice for replacing missing teeth. 

We find that most of our patients prefer bridges. It's  less invasive procedure and the turn around time of having a permanent bridge inserted could be less than 2 weeks! To learn more about what bridges entail check out our page. 

If you're looking for an inexpensive route. Valplast partial would be your choice. Valplast partial is flexible and free from metal wire being shown when it's worn in the mouth. It's comfortble and fuction like your own  regular teeth. 


At Dr. Patel's office we do offer in office financing. Our patients can choose to pay monthly or weekly at the amount that fits their budget. 

Membership program

We also offer membership program at our trusted Worcester dental office, located at 130 Lincoln St Worcester, MA 01605  to patients who doesn't carry dental insurance. The memebership only require an annual fee. The patient get the benefits of dental cleaning, x-rays, emergency visits, and many more procedures. Plus 15 to 20% discount is applied for most of prodeures. Call or text us at 508-756-5141.

Care credit 

It's easy to apply with carecredit online, carecredit can also provide same day approval. Care credit also allow their consumers to use their approved funds right on their carecredit app. When you make payments to care credit you are only paying off the principle owed. It's 100% interest free! 


With chewsi patients are paying for their dental services at a discounted rate. Chewi's discount plan makes it more afforable for patients to recieve their dental care when needed.

RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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