What Happens if You Ignore a Tooth Infection?

Reasons To Not Ignore A Tooth Infection

A tooth infection will not go away on it's own. In some cases the infection can spread to other parts of your body. The pain that you may experience can interfere with your daily functions. Tooth infection can also cause bad breath,swollen face, and unbearable pain. 

The Tooth Has A Better Chance Of Being Saved

Most people tend to have this misconception that once a tooth has an infection it's no longer salvageable. A tooth has a better chance of being saved when an infection is caught early. The dentist will be able to go over the available options  on how you can save an infected tooth. 

How An Infection Can Be Prevented

Instead of letting a tooth infection happen,prevent it.  Prevention is a lot more simple and convientant than going through the distress of trying to get rid of an infection. Don't ignore a broken or cracked tooth. The first sign of pain may seem harmless, however,bacteria can get into the tooth and further decay the tooth and eventually lead up to an infection. 

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RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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