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Avoid costly teeth problems during COVID19 Pandemic

We are here to help you and your family members during this difficult time. Avoid costly teeth problem by visiting your dentist for oral examination.


Dental Insurance 

One of the adavantage of having dental insurance is that 9 out of 10 insurances covers preventive care such as oral cancer examination and teeth cleaning in full and fillings(cavities) up to 80% to 100%. With such a high percentage of coverage this is extremely helpful to our patients as we offer different payment option for their copayment. Check out our website to see the list of insurances we are in network with! 

Payment Options

About 70% of Americans use credit cards. Credit cards are easy and reliable to use when you need it. Care credit are design to help patients get their medical/dental care paid for the same day of their services once approved. Care credit can give same day approval when applied in office or at home. Repayment is interest free for the term of the contract as long they agree repayment amount is paid in full monthly. 

If you like discounts and savings chewsi would be your best choice for a payment option. You can pay for your dental services same day of the appointment with chewsi's app. The app is free to download and to signup. How chewsi help you save money is that you pay base on chewsi's discount fee schedule. 

In Office Payment Options

At Dr. Patel's office we offer in office payment options. Our patients have the option to repay the owed amount in 3-6 months. The agreed repayment amount can be paid back weekly or monthly. No interest charge and no credit check needed. We find this option to be most popular in our office because our patients can get their dental treatment done same day and it's affordable.

Schedule Your Next Visit

Our office is offically reopen for elective procedures as of 06/04/20. During a pandemic most patients consider dental visit to be the least of their pripority. What most patients don't realize is neglacting their dental health will only effect them in the long run. Semiannual dental check up are extremely important. During these visits the dentist have a better opportunity to detect an early signs of dental diseases such as dental decay, periodontial disease, cracked tooth,etc. We can't stress it enough but your dental health DOES effect your overall health. Your overall health is particurtly more important now than ever. A simple dental check up takes 30-45 mins out of your day vs a longtime of worsen health problems. Check out our new office policy related to covid-19. 




RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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