New Office Policy


During the COVID-19 pandemic we are working together to keep each other safe and healthy. There will be some changes with our practice to better eliminate any unnecessary exposure upon each patient.


Call or text us when you have arrived:

Our goal is to keep patients from bumping into each other when they are presently in our office. There's one patient at a time policy in our office waiting room. In order to do this we will monitor when it’ll be safe for our patients to enter the office. By doing so one of our staff members will remind our patient the day of their appointment to stay in their car until they receive a phone call from us that it’s safe to enter. If you have come with a family member or spouse they will be ordered to remain in their cars or they may leave and come back after the appointment is completed. For children only one parent is allowed to be present with a patient in the office.


Face mask is a must:

It’s not uncommon to know that healthcare professions are low on medical supplies. In result it’s putting our healthcare professionals and our patients more at risk for exposure. We strongly encouraged all of our patients to Wear a mask before entering the building. A standard mask has to cover your nose and mouth, cloth material mask is acceptable. We highly encourage you to remember to always wear a mask when entering our building and while you’re presently in the office until the dentist has to perform an oral examination.


Practice social distancing:

It’s better to stay 6ft apart than to stay 6ft under. Practicing social distancing doesn’t stop even when you’re in a dental office. Each of our patients will be carefully placed in each of our treatment rooms away from other patients who may be present in the office. We ask our patients to please respect each other's space and don't leave their treatment room unless it’s necessary. wandering around the office is frowned upon and not acceptable.


Preparation is key:

To better assist each of our patients we highly encourage that each of our patients comes prepared to their appointment. If you’re a new patient typically you’ll receive a welcome new patient email. We ask that you fill out these forms online before your appointment. This will eliminate your wait time in our office. For our existing patients treatment plan, copayment, future appointments will be taken care of in our treatment room before any dental procedures start. By doing so we can keep our patients from having to travel around in our practice to check out.


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