We Are Open With Extra Precautions to Serve you During Pandemic.

Dr. Patel and his dental team are always following the CDC guidelines for covid-19 but to take extra precautions we have enforced more effective methods and new equipment to increase our chances of keeping any type of diseases away. 

One Patient At A Time Policy 

If you had scheduled an appointment at our office, It's our office policy to send out a text or a phone call reminder. These reminders are consistent of patients letting us know when the patient has arrived in to the parking lot at Dr. Patel's dental practice located at 130 Lincoln st in Worcester,MA. We expect them to follow intructions on when it's safe to enter the office. As we are only enforcing one patient at a time policy, this helps our dental team to keep control of the traffic that is exiting and entering the office.  

Temperature Reading And ADA Screening Questionaire 

Once patient arrives in the office,we can move forward with their appointment by take ing their temperature and  to fill out the ADA screening questionaire. By doing so,we are able to tell before seating our patients if they present  any existing covid-19 syptoms. 

Follow Up After A Dental Visit 

We follow CDC guidelines to contact all of our previous patients who have been seen at the practice after 48 hours. We than ask if patients have experienced any covid-19 syptoms or have any reason to belive they've been in contact with the virus. By keeping contact with our patients this can help us ensure everyone's safety. 

Keeping All Of Our Operatory Rooms and office Safe

We have acquired additionally Ithe following equipment to keep our office safe:


If any patient has any additional questions regarding our saftey protocol here in the office,please give us a call or text at 508756-5141, and we will be happy to answer alll of your concerns.





RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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