Tooth Decay or Cavities


According to the CDC, every person will have some problem in their mouth. If you feel pain when you bite, or food gets stuck in between teeth or when you eat something cold, hot or sweet, chances that you may have tooth decay and you will need to consult your dentist. Cavities can be treated with fillings, crowns or root canals depending on the size and extend of tooth decay. If the cavity is in the first and second layer of the tooth, we can treat it as a filling.  Cavity is in third layer we can treat it as a Root Canal. Sometimes THE tooth is decayed too much, then you will need an extraction. 

How can you reduce cavities in the mouth?

-Brush twice a day

-Floss once a day

-Drink flouridated water

-Use fluoride Toothpaste

-Avoid sugary food and drinks

-Eat Healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables

-Chew xylitol based gum

-Consider to get sealants

-See your dentist reguarly.

How we take care of Cavities at Dr. Patel's Office?

At Dr. Patel's office we use advansed technology to diagnose the decay early. Ealy diagosis and early intervention will help to save the tooth with minimally invasive procedure like fillings. We use latest Waterlase i-plus laser to treat decay with out use of needle.

Roshni Patel

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