The Best Time To Visit your Dentist Is Now.

Mask Required... not so bad after all

After coming back from lockdown ,we have seen more patients making an urgency to get their teeth fixed. When patients come in for a crown they typically go back home with a temporary crown. These temporary crowns are not design to look anesthetically pleasing. Then there's the ortho patients who are wearing clear braces and are still left feeling self concious about their smile. Since the pandemic,everyone is required to wear a mask in public. The results, our patients feel more comfortable getting dental work done. They are comfortable  knowing they can hide their smile until the final phase of their dental procedures are completed. 

Extra Dollar In Your Budget

Although everyone's financial situtation may be different, one thing most people may have in common is that they have some extra money to spare during this pandemic. Working from home may save on gas and auto repairs. With extra money in your budget , this is the best time to make your dental health a priority. Also as a reminder, the year is coming to an end. Patients with dental insurance rememeber to use it. what you don't use you''ll lose.  

Neglact Is Not The Idea

Then there are the patients who think if they are  not in pain their teeth are fine. We can't stress enough how false this is. Too many times we have witness our patients  waiting to long and come in with a tooth ache. These emergency visits  end up costing them more money and time. This could have been easily avoided by preventive dental care. Dentists can not fix what they don't see. Do not wait any longer, schedule your next appointment today! 



RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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