Smile Please - It will help to your overall health !!!

Smile Please

Smiling will help your overall health by releasing mood changing chemicals like endorphins and serotonin. It can help you to reduce blood pressure, pain and stress. Smiling can help you to increase endurance and strengthen your immune system.

We know many people are shy and do not smile because they don't like their smile. Here at Nikhilkumar M Patel DMD in Worcester, MA. we help all our patients better their dental health and give them the confidence they deserve to smile again! Our #1 general dental practice offers  laser, teeth whitening, cleanings, cosmetic dentistry such as cosmetic crowns and veneers, metal free partials or dentures, clear aligner and clear braces. If you would like to come in and see what options are best for you, ask about our free consultations. We know, not everyone likes the dentist but we make sure our patients are comfortable,  we listen to their concerns and hope they leave with a great smile. 


Oniesha Oniesha M Registered Dental Assistant

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