Signs That Your Baby Is Teething !!!

Baby Teething ?

Sometime it is frustrating for baby as well as parents when baby start teething.

Excessive Drooling:

Your baby will have excessive drooling because the growth of new teeth can simulate a lot of saliva hence drooling. Be prepared and put a bib on your baby or always have a wash cloth around as drooling can cause babies to have a face rash. Consult with your baby's pediatrician to treat your baby for any possible rash on the baby's face. 

Increase Need To Chew On Things:

Babies will have strong urges to chew on anything that is close to their mouths. Teething toys are perfect to give to your baby to chew on. Be aware of what your  baby can get their mouths on. Never let your baby chew on your hands or finger as our hands can carry many germs. Also rememeber to always sanitize your baby's chew toys after use. 

Gum Pain:

Your baby may experience mild discomfort in gum when teeth trying to erupt. There are some home remedies you can try to help your baby. Such as giving them a teether toy that has been in the refrigerator,safely place on their gums to help soothe them. In some cases your baby may not experience any discomfort or pain. 


From the excessive drooling your baby may have rosy cheeks due to saliva. It can cause rashes.To help your baby relieve any discomfort from the rash discuss with your pediatrician.They will be able to recommend what type of oinment or gel  that would  best fit your baby. 

Other Symtoms:

Cranckiness, Irritability, excessive biting, loss of appetite, ear pulling, lack of or disturbed sleep. Low grade fever, Crying, Rash around mouth, Diarhhea, coughing, Flushed cheeks, Biting etc are some of the symptoms of teething.

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