Salute our Heroes who are helping us during this tough time

Salute to our heroes

All those who are helping us to get through this crisis deserve our salutes. We should appriciate all those workers as well as their families.

Doctors, Nurses and all healthcare workers:

All these heroes put their own life at risk to take care of our covid19 patients. Sometimes  they work with minimum PPE. They are  working relentlessly to take care of thousands of coronavirus infected peoples in highly contagious enviorment. Lot of them get infected themselves and their families also get infected. We salute  those researchers who work hard to find a vaccine to treat Covid19 infection.

Store Employees, Delivery Drivers:

Thanks, to the store employees who work hard to keep store shelves stocked with your necessicties. Thanks to the supermarket cashier who ring up your groceries. You can show your gratitude to delivery persons who deliver your necessicities at your front door and keeping you safe from going out yourself and preventing you from getting covid 19 and infecting  people.

First Responders:

Don't forget to salute  those first responders who keep us safe from criminals who are engaged in theft, breakings,gang activities, and inappropriate behaviors.

Operation America Strong:

President Donald trump, just announced the mission "Operation America Strong " to thank first responders healthcare workers, and military service members.

All Dentists:

Don't forget to thank to all the dentists and dental assistants who support to flatten the covid19 curve by keeping their dental offices closed for elective services. They see only emergency patients, this  helps the Emergency Rooms not to fill up with patients with dental emergencies.

Thanks to all people who donate to Covid19 charities and all those people who follow orders to stay home.

Dr. Patel Nikhil Patel, DMD

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