Reason to proceed with Bridge at our Worcester, MA office.

Dental Bridge at our Worcester, MA Office

A dental bridge is created to replace a missing tooth, the adjacent teeth on each side of the missing tooth will be used to support the dental bridge. 

Crown and bridgework is the backbone of restorative dentistry, and our practice in Worcester, MA takes special pride in the quality and longevity of our fixed restorations. We've brought a lot of patients back from the verge of oral deterioration with bridgework--it contributes new balance to the way your teeth work together and strengthens the entire dental arch. We're always pleased when patients believe in the value of their health and smile as much as we do.

When you decide to go ahead, and we hope it's soon, we'll schedule you for two appointments. At the first, we'll prepare the "abutment" teeth for crowns. The surface of each tooth is reduced--a matter of millimeters--so the dimensions remain the same after the bridge is secured. We use the latest technology to fabricate the bridge. We scan your prepped  teeth and surrounding soft tissue, and place temporary crowns to keep you comfortable until your bridge is ready. At the lab, a "pontic" to replace your missing tooth is welded to your new crowns. The bridge comes back in a single unit.

At your second appointment, we remove the temporaries, and cement the bridge into place. We'll make final adjustments so the fit is just right, and test the new function of your bite. Bridgework takes a little extra home care--we'll show you how.

We get a lot of satisfaction from our restorative work. Good dentistry makes people feel different--better about themselves.

Do not to live with broken teeth, pain or embarrassing smile, please call or text us  at 508-756-5141

Dr. Patel Nikhil Patel, DMD Dentist

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