Million Dollar Smile at our dental clinic in Worcester, MA

Million Dollar smile

Holidays are coming soon. You may have a big holiday party to attend or may be hosting it. You may have planned everything perfect for it, but did you think about your smile? Are you embrassed about your Smile because of yellowish teeth or croocked teeth?

In Office Zoom Whitening 

Zoom whitening has become a popular choice for in office whitening. The procedure takes about an hour to complete. A take home kit will be provided at the end of the session. The kit will only take six days in total to complete at home. It will require 15 minutes each day and comes with your own bleeching trays. For any new or exisiting patients, they will be provided a FREE touch up whitening kit whenever they come back for their regular dental cleanings.  

Fixing Croocked Teeth

There are number of options on how to fix croocked teeth. The number one option would be clear aligners. Clear aligners can take anywhere between three to twelve months to complete. The time frame depends on the severity of each person's case. However, clear aligners are still considered to have a faster turn around time compared to tradional braces. Most patients prefer clear alginers for it's flexbility and how it doesn't interfere with a person's lifestyle. 

Crown,Cosmetic Bonding or Veneer

In some cases, if a tooth has a deep cavity and the tooth is also slighty croocked, placing a crown, cosmetic bonding or a  veneer will help resolve both problems at the same time. By placing a  crown it will protect the tooth from further damage. The new crown can be created to be lined up straight to the adjacent teeth. Another great thing about a  crown is that they're made of porcelain which is considered to be  the strongest material and it won't pick up any stains. 


A consultation with your Dentist will help you decide the best choice that will fit your needs. At Dr. Patel's office in Worcester,MA, we are always using our lastest technology to help our patients get a clear vision of their dental treatment. Our in office 3D scanner has become a popular choice. It is  comfortble and free from any radiation.  

Highly qualified and experience dentist in Worcester,MA will provide you the best solution for your situation.    

RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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Over the years clear aligner has been the #1 choice for making the teeth straight at Dr. Patel's office. By working with multiple companies that offer clear aligners, we have made it easy for patients to have plenty of choices to choose from.