Light Therapy In Dental Medicine

The light therapy is a new secret weapon, we are using at our office to make your visit less painful and more comfortable.

The Benefits of Light Therapy 

If you need help with reducing pain, UV Light therapy is a painless and quick alternative. The specific wavelength of light acts as a germicidal agent. People who are susceptible to ulcer, periodontal disease, or tooth infection can benefit greatly from the use of UV light therapy. At least in 16 clinical and scientific studies shows that visible light kills harmful bacteria.

Ulcers and Mucositis

Mucositis is a side the effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy of cancer treatment. Our office at 130 Lincoln st, Worcester, MA uses blue or infrared or red light therapy one day before and one day after chemotherapy, that helps to reduce occurence of ulcers in the mouth.

Teeth Sensitivity

Blue and Red light treatment helps to reduce teeth sensitivity.

Gum Health

Light therapy improve gum health. Studies has shown that exposure to blue light kills bacteria within 15 to 60 seconds and thus promote healing of the gum. Light therapy stimulates blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

Teeth Whitening

The blue light therapy itself provides mild whitening of the teeth. In conjunction with peroxide gel or paste, the blue light amplifies teeth whitening and germicidal effect.


We use light therapy to reduce the number of bacteria and thus it reduce the pain and also helps to avoid use of habit forming narcotic drugs.

Analgesic Effect

Light therapy produces analgesic effect , so we can perform lots of dental procedures like cavity, deep cleaning etc without using needle or injection. The use of light also helps to get better healing, less pain and side effect or complication after extraction, root canal treatment, fillings, scaling etc.


You will feel less pain and discomfort from braces after use of different wavelength of the light.

Paralysis Due to Nerve Damage

Photobiomodulation can help to regenerating nerve.

Is It Safe?

Studies has been shown that UV light therapy is safe. Besides regular cleaning, a few minutes of light therapy will help with reducing number of bad bacteria.  

Did You Know that UV light can help fight covid-19?

-UV light can kill 99.9% airborne bacteria and novel coronavirus.


RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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