It's Time To Get your Perfect Smile!

Are you interested in getting braces, but need some questions answered? We have done our research to find the most common questions asked and answered in regards of getting braces. 

Common Questions:

Are braces painful?

It may be hard to believe that wearing braces doesn't hurt. But in fact, it's true it doesn't. You may feel some soreness and discomfort when you have to replace the bands,wire or trays. This discomfort feeling will only last for a few minutes during the replacement. After that, you shouldn't be feeling any pain on a day to day basis.

Can braces cause decay in your teeth?

Teeth can only decay when you have poor dental home care. It's espcially important to have good dental home care when you wear braces. It can be more diffcult to brush and floss. Fortunately,there are certain kinds of brush and floss techniques you can use to maintain the good oral care you'll need. 

How do braces actually work?

Braces constantly place pressure on your teeth, end result it slowly shifts your  teeth in the direction it needs to be to become straighten. Braces help you get your dream smile while you sleep! It really can't get any easier than that.

Which braces delivered the fastest result?

If you don't mind the look of modernized metallic braces, then you're in luck, because modernized metallic braces are considered to deliver the fastest result for straigthen teeth. The only disadvantage of having modernized metallic braces is that it can take longer than clear braces. Clear braces are the most common choice for teens and adults. It offers a more appealing look wise, no doubt. It also requires  less wear time depending on the severity of the case.


You dont have to vist the dentist for orthodontist treatment.

There are companies that advertised braces can be done from your own home. Without even visting your dentist, this practice is completely false and unsafe. When recieving a big procedure like straightening your teeth it's requires alot more complex and necessarary steps. For example, it's not possible for these companies to diagnose if the patient has existing cavities that need to be fixed before their ortho treatment. If the patient doesn't have good progonosis for getting ortho treatment,these companies wouldn't be able to determine this. Only qualified license dentist are the ones who can legally make these dignosis and progonosis for the patient.

It will take years for your teeth to get straighten.

New inventions  are created everyday, this is no different for dentistry. The years that is required to wear braces to  straigthen teeth has increased. Thanks to new invention most braces can take as little as a few months to a year to complete.  

Only orthodontist can provide braces.

Alot of  people think in order to get braces they will have to visit an orthodontist. What patients do not know is that general dentist can also  perform ortho treatment. Most general dentist offer ortho treatment at their dental practice. To find out if your local dentist offer ortho braces, just give them a call today! 

It's just cosmetic to get staighthen teeth. 

The most common factor for people to want braces, is to have that perfect straight smile. Most dentist recommend their patients  get braces for the same reason, but also for their overall health benefit. Orthodontitis is when a patient develops periodontial disease from not having straight teeth. It becomes more difficult to keep your gums clean and healthy when the teeth are  not aligned properly. The result can lead to more health problems. 

Tanya Tran

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