It's That Time Of the Year again... Use It Or Lose it!

We understand how dental insurance works. Patients use their hard earn money to pay for these dental coverages. Yet, we don't see most of patients maximize their dental benefits. Let's breakdown the dental benefits you may have and why you should start using them today! 

In general most preventative services cover cleaning procedures 100%... that means $0 copayment cost from you! 

- Dental cleaning 

- Dental X-rays

- Oral Examination including CANCER SCREENING

- Dental X-rays 

- Radiographic Examination 

In some cases your dental coverage may even cover some of these dental procedures at 50%- 100%! With this much coverage your copayments costs are less or drastically reduced for these dental procedures...

We also found our patients are very pleased with our financing options. We offer different options here at Dr. Patel's dental office. If some dental insurance doesn't cover certain procedures,We are able to offer in office fianancing and other types of fianancing such as care credit or chewsi. Our dental team are always ready and happy to go over your treatment proposal. We strive to help our patients acheive their best smile that they deserve! 

Schedule your next appointment today to find out how you can use the most of your dental insurance benefits for this year! 







RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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