Fluoride for Children and Adults

Fluoride is beneficial to both children and adults teeth. Your teeth can lose (deminerilzation) mineral that keeps it strong. Foods and drinks that contains high saturated with sugar can form acid,this acid can eat away a tooth's enamel layer. When bacteria stays in your mouth long enough, over time it become harden plaque leading to periodontial diseases and other related health risks. To restore (remineralization) mineral into your teeth, fluoride is the best choice for dental health prevention. 

Do you really need fluoride?

Today tooth decay is still the most common disease among children. Children with poor diet consuming foods such as candies, sodas, and other type of junk foods are more likely to develop dental decay overtime. Adult teeth that are more suspectible to tooth decay can benefit from the use of fluoride. Even adults that have excellent dental hygiene can develop dental decay, new studies has found that dental diseases can be a hereditary factor. In some cases, if your teeth are more suspectible to dental decay your dentist may prescribe for you fluoride that contain stronger concentrations. 

When should children use fluoride?

Generally, it's recommended for children to be seen by a dentist when their first tooth has erupted. The dentist at this time may introduce fluoride to the child. Fluoride are easy to apply onto the teeth, there's variety of choices in flavor and it's also painless. It's the best form of cavity prevention for both children and adults. It can also be considered to be an investment to use fluoride. People who use fluoride often will find there's less dental problems and cost such as root canals, fillings, or even loss of teeth. 

How many types of fluoride are available?

RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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