A  female patient came in recently for her dental cleaning,oral cancer screening, x rays and dental examination with Dr. Patel. The patient had shared a story with the dental assistant that she had an embarrassing moment with her four year old son. Her son had noticed her silver fillings placed on her teeth. He had mistaken them for dental decay and teased  his mom for the way it looked. After this moment she felt embarrassed and wanted to change the silver fillings to white fillings immediately. Dr Patel of course was happy to help, but he had to make sure the change was medically necessary. After the examination and checking the patient's x-rays, he had found there was in fact dental decay forming underneath her existing silver fillings.. In this case it was necessary for him to remove the silver filling and replace it with the white composite fillings that the patient had originally wanted in the first place. At the end of the appointment the patient was happy and her son can no longer tease her.


Tanya Tran

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