Logicon Caries Detector Software

What is Logicon and How it works?

Logicon is a FDA approved softare program that helps dentists to detect cavitis in the early stage on digital x-rays.

It scans the digital x-ray on the computer monitor and shows the cavities, that sometimes it's hard to see with the naked eye.

Why do we use this technology ?

We use this latest technoloical advancement to help our patients to catch the caries in early stage.The earlier we detect the cavity, it is easier to fix it with small filling, less invasive, less paiful and less expensive procedures. In our office we use WATERLASE I-PLUS(Click here for more information) to treat cavites without giving injection to our patients.

With the use of Logicon Caries Detector, it has been shown that it find 20% more cavities than the human eys alone. It's sensitve enough to detect decay in their earliest stage. it also help us to monitor the progress of decay on the tooth. It also help us to differentiate between real cavirty and artifact that looks like cavity on the tooth in x-ray.

How does Logicon Caries Detector help our patients?

Logicon caries detector software scans the digital x-rays and outline the cavities. If it's outline in a YELLOW color, that tells the cavity is in it's very early stage and does not need to be filled .When it is outline in a RED color, that tells us that the cavity has reached the second layer and needs to be filled. We tell our patient , that if they take good home care, the cavitey may not progress. When our patients see the yellow marks on xrays, it motivates them to take better homecare.

The earlier we detect decay,  the easier it is to fix (most of time without Needle or Novocaine). If we do not fix it in early stage, it can ended up getting Root Canal Treatment or extraction of the tooth. Sometimes we end up doing  a crown or cap on the tooth, if the filling is too big. Logicon caries detector helps our patients to avoid more invasive, more expensive and more scary procedures, by detecting caries in their early stage.

Nikhil Patel, DMD

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