Easter and your teeth

Easter and your teeth:   

Easter is such a wonderful time of year.  Weather is springtime and buds are blooming all over.  A time when the Easter bunny will be returning leaving lots of goodies for children and adults

However, we also have to be careful of how many treats children will be eating.  Frequent brushing, drinking lots of water will be very important at this time and small amounts of desserts and treats.  Perhaps our easter baskets should include, tooth brushes and tooth paste and floss along with treats.  Tooth brushes now come in all of favorite action figures and disney characters.  

A few suggestions may be helpful, try and choose candy that is not sticky and gooey like jelly beans and peeps that are primarily sugar.  Nuts and fruits would be a better choice, dark chocolate, white chocolate and dried fruits covered in chocolate  would also be better choices. 

Visit your dentist every six months for professional cleaning and oral cancer screening.




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