Dental Tips For Thanksgiving from our Worcester, MA dental office.


There are plenty of side and main dishes that includes vegatables. Ususally these vegatable dishes are delicious because of the all sugar and other not so healthy ingredients that are added into the dishes. However,there's always other ingredients to subsitute the unhealthy ingredients to still have the same tasteful dish. 

Healthy Cooking Oil:

Oil is usually the most used ingredient,because of this reason, it's best to use the healthiest oil that is available. To name a few of the recommeneded healthy oils would be, avacado oil,olive oil, and seasame oil. Oils to avoid would be soybean, corn, and vegatable oil.


Desserts are usually contained with high amount of sugar. For this reason when deciding on a dessert, choose desserts that are relatively healthy. The following  healthy desserts to consider during thanksgiving would be, light sugar pumkin pie, spiced tea poached pears,and walnut apple crisps. 

Healthy Drinks:

Water with lemon is the obvious choice for a healthy beverage. However, with it being a fesitive occasion, it's natural to want to branch out to more tasteful drinks. To name a few healthy and tasteful drinks, infused water that is more tasteful, powdered mix such as zero gatorade powder and no sugar propel powder can give your water the kick that it needs. It's also a surgar free drink which makes it healthy in a tasteful way. 

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