4 Tips For Choosing Your Next Dentist

Take some time to read the google reviews of the dentist and his dental team. Get an idea if they are the kind of dental practice you want to put trust in for your dental needs. However, small or big your prefences are it will matter to YOU on your next dental visit. Choosing the right dentist for you will motivate you in the long run to continue your dental care the way you need to for a healthier mouth. 

Check out their social media, see if your dentist is active with his or her social media accounts. You can check out the lastest technologies that they offer in their office. Watch their patient's video testimonal if they have any available. See for yourself what their existing patients has to say about them. If they don't have a video testimonal, check out the things they are posting. If you find yourself liking their page on facebook or following them on instagam. That would probably mean this dental practice is already giving you a reason why you would like them as your new dental care team. 

If you've been referred by a friend or family memeber to visit a new dentist. Usually there's a higher chance that you'll end up staying with this recommended dentist. Having a dentist that is personally recommended by your close ones generally speak for itself. They obviously had already put their trust and confidence in this dentist enough to recommend someone as important as you to them. So don't be shy and take the recommendation! 

You had done your research on a new dentist. What's next? Easy, book your first appointment and make the judgment yourself by going on your first visit. Get to know the people who will be working inside of your mouth. It may be easier for you to make your decision by making a mental check list for yourself. If this dental team meet your expections after the first visit. Most likey you have found yourself a new dentist. 

RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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