Congratulations on your new born from our Worcester, MA office !

Every new parent has questions like yours, and we're glad you asked. Because of early care, your baby can have the best possible start on good dental health and develop the right kind of habits.

Baby teeth erupt between three months to a year of age. The lower incisors usually come in first, though every baby is different and keeps his or hers own schedule. You'll notice baby's gums become swollen and tender just before the big event. It may make your baby more comfortable to rub the gums gently with a piece of gauze, your fingers, or a small, cool spoon. This should ease baby's crankiness, too. And most babies will welcome a teething ring to chew.

As soon as teeth emerge, they are susceptible to plaque. Your job, from Day One, is to keep them clean with a washcloth or gauze pad. Brushing and flossing should begin early. You'll be in charge until your child can handle daily care with supervision.

Until your baby comes in for a check-up--at about 12 months--take special precautions with liquids at bedtime. Any sweet juice, even milk, can cause early decay. We recommend only water in the bedtime bottle.

What a wonderful time for you! We look forward to meeting our newest patient at 130 Lincoln St Worcester, MA. Please call or text us at 508-756-5141

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