Why Do I Need Straight Teeth ?

Straight Teeth With Candid Aligners

What Are The Main Benefits Of Having Straight Teeth:

- Look more cosmetically appealing.

- Dental homecare becomes easier. 

- Fix any improper bite to prevent jaw pain,gum recession,abnormal teeth wear,headache etc.

What Kind Of Orthodontic Systems Do We Offer at our Worcester Office ?

- Candid 

- Sure smile 

- Fast braces 

- Clear braces

How Long Would It Take To Complete ?

Depending on the complexity of each person's case it can take as little as four to six months to complete. For longer term it can take up to one to three years. The first or the first few visits are generally one hour long. After the first inital visit each appointment shouldn't take any longer than 20 minutes! 

Will It Hurt ?

You shouldn't expect any severe pain, pressure is definitely what you will feel. Pressure is expected and an indication that your teeth are actively moving! Beside feeling pressure, You might want to consider a change in your diet if you have metal or clear brackets. 

Is The Straightening forever ?

No. You need to wear retainers after treatment to prevent relapse. 

How Much Does It Cost ?

This depends upon your needs, and how long the treatment is expected to last. The good thing about it, that your insurance might help cover the cost of going w-ith this treatment. 

Please call or text us at 508-756-5141 to make an appointment to see what system will work best for you.

RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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