What Is Considered A Dental Emergency during Coronavirus Pandemic??

Covid-19  Pandemic and dental emergency

What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

Here are some situations where you need to see your dentist.

A Broken Tooth:
Accidents can sometimes lead to a broken tooth. Sometime sharp edges of broken tooth or filling cut yor tongue or cheeck. call your dentist in this kind of situation. It’s always best to treat the problem as soon as possible before it gets bigger and would end up costing you more money to fix it.
Tooth Pain That Won’t Go Away:
Losing sleep over a tooth pain? Over the counter pain medication isn’t relieving the pain? Call your dentist to see if a dental visit is necessary. Your dentist will most likely have to perform an examination to determine the diagnosis of your dental problem.
Dental Crown or filling Fell Off:
Don’t wait to come in for a visit when you have lost your dental cap/crown. Waiting will cause your teeth to shift overtime and in most cases the dental cap may not fit onto your tooth like it is supposed to. You’ll may end up having to get a completely new cap/crown. If you swallow your dental cap it is very important to call your dentist immediately. The dentist may want you to visit the emergency room to make sure the cap you had swallowed hasn’t traveled in parts of your body that it shouldn’t have gone into.
Pain With Swelling:
A swollen face is never a good sign. Call and make an appointment to visit your dentist immediately. The dentist will take x-rays and perform an examination to determine what treatment is needed to help you get rid of the swollen face. If the swelling has reached your throat and you’re experiencing difficulty with breathing, visit the emergency room immediately.
When can I visit my dentist for non elective procedures again?
Follow Your State’s Guidelines.
Visit   www.massdental.org

Is It Safe To Visit My Dentist For A Dental Emergency?
It’s still safe to visit your dentist for dental emergency. Dental professionals are trained to take precautions to keep their patients and themselves safe from any potential infectious pathogens. Certain special measurements are taken during a pandemic,such as keeping dental offices are closed to elective procedures. This doesn’t mean that your dentist is going out of business. Dental offices are required to follow state’s safety guidelines to keep you and everyone else safe during a pandemic.

RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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