We Are A Happy Family!!!

We Are A Happy Family!!!

At Dr.Nikhil Patel’s Clinic, employees are our most valuable resources and significant for our success.We at Dr.Nikhil Patel’s Clinic, believe that our growth depends on the development of our team for which we provide required training and development opportunities.We work in a positive and motivated environment as we treat all employees equally. We give recognition to the contributions of our employees by listening and including their ideas and opinions. We conduct employee survey programs which help us better understand and improve our employees which in turn creates a friendly,fun and excellent work environment. Because of this practice, we have our employees in long term association with us and they go beyond the call of duty to help a patient. We at Dr.Nikhil Patel’s Clinic are proud to say that We All Work As A Big Happy Family!!!

Nikhil Patel, DMD

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