Watch, Rita, talking about new dental care programs and procedures.

Welcome to Dr. Patel’s Office! Get involved with us with some of our new programs. #ZoomTeethWhitening offers you #PrimeMembership. Come get your tray today with Zoom Whitening! Visit us every six months and that will entitle you to our #DentalFreeProgram and take the #BleachingKit home with you and keep your teeth sparkly white & healthy.

Another procedure is #ClearBraces, which is a #shorttermbraces. Get $500 discount if you mention about us to your dear ones. We accept patients with dental insurance or without dental insurance. We look forward to catering to your needs. Schedule your next appointment with Dr #NikhilPatelDMD. Call us for more information #508-756-5141.


Nikhil Patel, DMD

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