Tips And Tricks For Halloween from our Worcester, MA Dental office

Tips and Tricks

   Tips On How To Have A Healthy & Fun Halloween

Candy Is Not The Only Sweet Foods 

Subsutite candies with delcious fruit, candy is not the only foods that contain sugar. Fruits also has the sugary taste but the difference is that fruit contains natural surgar called fructose. To make fruits more fun and appealing for children, get creative with  fruits. It can be decorated in a halloween theme. 

Get An 6 Month Dental Checkup Before It Gets Scary Painful   

It would be a good idea to get a dental check up before digging into that bucket of candy. Children may have existing tooth decay or other dental problems. They may not have felt pain as of yet, but the sugary foods such as candy can provoke the pain to develop.

Don't Eat It All At Once 

It can be tempting for children to want to eat all of their candy at once. Most parents may even allow this practice. However, just remember it may not be the best choice. High consumption of sugar can increase the chances of many problems for both teeth and overall health.                                          

RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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