September is Dental Infection Control Awareness Month

Dental Infection Control Awareness

September is Dental Infection Awareness Month, see what we do at our office to protect you, your friends and family as well as our team.

Hand Washing

Although you may not see it, we wash our hands either with water and soap or hand sanitizer, before putting our gloves on, and again when we take our gloves off after treating each patient. Watch the video about CDC recommended hand washing procedure.

Dental Unit Waterlines

Did you know that untreated water in dental offices can make patients sick? Our team members are trained in water quality, biofilm formation, water treatment methods, and appropriate maintenance protocols for water delivery.

Personal Protective Equipments

Do you know why you wear glasses when you’re at our dental office ? The added layer of protection keeps your eyes safe from liquids or particles that could splash or drop into your eyes during dental procedures. Our dental team wear glasses and facial shield for the same reason. 

Gloves, masks, eyewear, facial shield, head covering and protective apparel help protect you and our staff from exposure to potentially harmful bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. This will ensure a safe dental visit at Dr. Patel's office.


COVID-19 and other germs can be resistant to antibiotics, but can’t resist sterilization. That’s why we sterilize our instruments. Germs are also not resistant to the disinfectants, so we use hospital grade disinfectants to wipe down surfaces. We always clean and decontaminate all surfaces before we treat you for your safety.






Dr. Patel Nikhil Patel, DMD Dentist

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