Say No To Toothache! How we help our patient at Worcester, MA dental office.

What is toothache?

Toothache is pain in or around the tooth. It can be dull pain, sharp shooting pain or stabbing pain in the gum or in the tooth or broken or cracked tooth with sharp edges. Unbearable toothache along with fever and chills is telling  you to call your dentist right away.

Signs you should book an appointment:

Call or Text our office at 508-756-5141and book an emergency appointment- if the office is closed, you can book an appointment on our website

In the meantime, to ease the pain:


How can I Prevent Toothache?

    Sometimes you can not prevent toothache, but you can minimize risk of it.

    Brush, floss, and use mouth wash everyday.

    Avoid sugary intakes.

    Visit your dentist every 3-6 months.

    Ask your dentist about sealants and Flouride treatment.


Faith Kollie

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