No Metal Braces

It's not uncommon for an adult patient not wanting to wear braces at an older age. When oftentimes their younger relatives are too wearing metal braces. Generally it's a common thing to see younger children wear metal braces. One day Dr. Patel, was performing a dental procedure on a child. During the treatment the parent did not speak to anyone. Dr. Patel was curious and asked him why he wasn't talking. The parent responded back with a smile, he told Dr. Patel, he doesn't like his smile or speak in public because he felt insecured with his crooked smile. Dr. explained to him that he could change that by getting braces. The parent said no way, his younger niece wear metal braces. It would look silly for him to wear metal braces with her. Dr. Patel eased his concern and told him he didn't have to wear metal braces but in fact he can wear clear or invisble braces! The parent was convinced of getting himself braces after seeing photos of recent cases that had been completed by Dr. Patel... after about 8-9 months of wearing clear braces, the parent was overjoyed with his new smile! No more crooked smile and he didn't have to wear metal braces. 

Tanya Tran

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