My Tooth hurts, Do I Need Root Canal? Worcester, MA

Is your Tooth Hurting You?

Plain and simple answer to the most commonly asked question " My tooth hurts, Do I need Root Canal?" is "Not necessarily" At our office in Worcester, MA, we know that tooth can hurts you for many reasons including:

* Cavity or decay on the tooth

* Chipped or broken or cracked tooth

* Eroded tooth

* Food lodged between teeth

* Leaky filling

At our office in Worcester, MA when you come with toothache, first we examine your tooth in your mouth and take xray. We asked you about how long the tooth is hurting, how long the pain last, does it get triggerd with hot or cold drinks, does it hurts when you eat, does it wakes you up at night. Answers to all these questions along with radiographic examination and oral evaluation, helps us to determine, if you need root canal treatment.

Intense toothache is most of time associated with tooth infection , that will require a course of antibiotis, and root canal treatment. Most of time minor toothaches are treated with fillings, cleaning the affected area.


Dr. Patel Nikhil Patel, DMD Dentist

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