June is National Candy Month….Candy==ToothDecay or Cavities.

Prevent #cavities by reducing the amount of #plaque and #bacteria in your #mouth. The best way to do this is by #brushing and #flossing daily. We @ #DrPatelOffice can evaluate your #riskofcaries and then suggest appropriate #fluoridetreatments. Fluoride in water strengthens teeth from within, as they develop, and also on the outside. #Cariesisaprocess. Sometimes bacteria may infect the pulp inside the tooth even if the part of the tooth you can see remains relatively intact. In this case, the tooth will need #rootcanaltreatment. Before it gets worse consult us at #NikhilPatelDMD office #508-756-5141 and get rid of those mouth problems immediately.

Nikhil Patel, DMD

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Do you know poor oral health can affect your overall health? Studies suggest that oral bacteria and inflamed gums play a big role in many diseases. People with gum problems have a harder time to control blood sugar.

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Do you remember using cassette player, VCRs & ROAD ATLAS in the past? Who is using them now? NO ONE. Now we use mobile phones for our entertainment, GPS or Google maps. We use the latest advances in dentistry to detect cavity by LOGICON SOFTWARE

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WaterLase dentistry is one of the foremost advanced dental treatments offered at our office. WaterLase uses a patented technology that mixes targeted light energy with a stream of water for an extremely precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience.