Is your children's smile safe?

Children's Smile

Potential complications from untreated decay of your children's teeth can cause life threatening infection, bullying, low self esteem, speech problems, eating problems that can interfere with their study or attending school.

Fifty four percent of children between ages 1 to 5 have cavities in their baby teeth.

Food insecurity is associated with untreated cavities.

Tips On How To Better Children's Dental Care 

Get Rid Of Bad Habits 

Children tend to have trouble weaning off binkies or drinking out of a bottle through out the night. Little habits like these may bring  comfort in the moment however, that short term comfort can result in long term effects on their developing teeth. 

Make Dental Care Fun 

Children mostly respond to crafts and exciting ways to learn. A better approach to teaching children how important caring for their teeth is, try playing games,crafts, or any other fun way to motivate your children. 

Baby Teeth Do Matter

It's common for most parents to believe childrens baby teeth are harmless. Often time, that is when the child's overall dental health is healthy. Sometimes even with healthy baby teeth, an infection or dental deay can occur. Don't ignore an infection or dental decay just because it's a baby tooth. It can cause a lot of discomfort for the little one. In some severe cases it may require immediate emergency care. 



RDA Tanya Tran Registered Dental Assistant

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