Have anxiety about dental visits ?

Anxiety to go to dentist?

Do you have anxiety about going to the dentist ? We have some tips to help ease your anxitey. 

Here at Dr.Nikhil Patel's office we tell our patients with high anxiety to schedule first appointments of the day. We find that when scheduling that early you have no time to think about your appointment.Our number one priority is to make you feel comfortable and to keep coming back for dental care.

In our office, we use the latest technologies to help our patients make their experience a lot more comfortable. We have a waterlase laser  treatment for fillings. Our waterlase kills all the bacteria and removes the decay without having to be numbed with a needle! We know most people have a fear of needles and this is why we made an investment into the waterlase i-plus.

In our office at 130 Lincoln st. in Worcester, MA , Dr. Patel tells all his patiens to raise their left hand  if they need him to stop if there is any discomfort. This way, you are in charge or control during procedures. We keep you informed during your dental visit by explaining each step of the procedure.

If sound bothers you, we recomend to use earbuds and listen to your favorite music.

Sometimes, patients have fear of embaressement if they did not visit the dentist for a  long time. Dr. Patel and his excellent staff are trained to handle these situations.  They will not make you uncomfortable about the duration of your previous dental visit.

Deep breathing, meditation,stress ball or using your own weighted blanket can also help you  get through dental procedures.

If you have denal phobia, please make an appointment with our office.



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