Congratulations to Expectant Mothers

We've heard the news! Our warmest congratulations from our office Nikhil Patel DMD in Worcester, MA.

As an expectant mother, building a better baby is very important to you. During this special time, good oral hygiene is one way to give your child a healthy start in life.

Because of hormone levels, your gum tissue is more susceptible to periodontal disease. "Pregnancy gingivitis"--red, swollen gums--is common and may continue for a short time after delivery. And, of course, the food cravings some women develop are cause for extra careful brushing and flossing.

Your baby's teeth begin forming long before birth. Because a developing fetus needs calcium and phosphorus for well-formed teeth, a balanced diet for mom is critical to the baby's nutritional needs.

To keep your smile glowing throughout pregnancy, regular check-ups should be part of your health program. You may wish to schedule non-emergency treatment for the fourth through sixth months--pregnancy can make a dental chair uncomfortable.  We'll take special precautions with x-rays. And alert us to any new medications you may be taking.

We're so happy for you. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesistate to call or text us at 508-756-5141.


Oniesha Oniesha M

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