Bye Bye 2020, Bye Bye Pandemic,It's time for Covid-19 to leave

Bye Bye 2020

We all have been hit by Covid19 Pandemic one way or other way in the rough year 2020. Some of us lost their jobs or has reduced hours. Most of restaurants affected badly because of corona virus lockdown. Healthcare workers exhausted during this pandemic. They ran out of PPP in the year 2020. Lot of us avoided to visit our dentist or our doctors even though, we needed to be seen urgently for well being of our own health. We avoided to hugs our loved ones during 2020 because of pandemic.

Some of us skipped weddings, or ended up getting married in small private ceremony, missing our dream of years for special big day, no tossing the bouquet or walking down the aisle with bride mates or groom mates.

Many of juniors and seniors in high school missed prom night. Lots of seniors in high school or college missed their graduation ceremonies, no graduation walk, no days to hang out with your classmates. They could not go to theater to watch movie with their friends and family.

No big family gathering at Thanks-Giving or Christmas holidays, making some of us little bit disoriented in 2020. So many charity activities to raise money were postponed and that affected so many people's life.

So many teen agers missed their sweet sixteen celebration. No big legal age birthday celebration when they turned 21. They could not go to restaurant or bar to celebrates their special days with their family or friends.

Let's put 2020 behind us and focus on 2021 for healthy, happy and prosperous future.



Dr. Patel Nikhil Patel, DMD Dentist

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